Have a professional evaluation of your diet without any judgment and find simple solutions to change your habits. Schedule follow-up sessions. A personalized nutrition plan can also be prepared according to your goals.

Body Composition

Determine your body composition and understand better what you see on the scale : the different compartments of your body such as fat mass, lean mass, bone mass, etc. Body mass index (BMI) is good, but it’s not always enough to get the full picture of yourself.

Weight Management

Start a weight loss program or find solutions for a better weight management. You hear all kinds of stories about diets and new eating trends ? We will discuss it for sure!

My stomach hurts !

Do you have stomach aches or intestinal issues? Did you know that gastrointestinal disorders are often related to what you experience on a daily basis: stress, anxiety, poor sleep, combined with poor food choices. Come and discuss it to find solutions to reduce your symptoms.

Sports Enthusiasts

Are you preparing for an important event? Do you need help figuring out what to eat and drink during your workouts and your race? We can arrange that for you! Take a look at the online store to check out our 100% endurance sports nutrition guide.

Weight Class Sports

Do you practice combat sports or a weight category sport? Are you amateur, recreational or professional? Do you sometimes have trouble managing your nutrition and this is starting to affect your performance? Good weight management is essential in order to avoid excessive weight fluctuations in between fights / competitions.


Are you intrigued by some supplements or you can have a stack free of charge under certain conditions? Be careful because most of the time your wallet will suffer the consequences and not your waist line. Some supplements are interesting, however, and we can discuss about them!

Prepared Meals

You are not a very skilled in the kitchen or cooking is not really your thing? We work with prepared meals companies who can deliver to drop-off locations or directly to your door. For more information, visit We Cook Meals (formerly Nutrition Fit Plus)


We offer conferences and workshops for groups, sports clubs and companies. Our subjects are varied: sports nutrition before, during and after exercise, how to modify bad eating habits, weight management solutions and other nutrition-related subjects. Contact us if you are interested!