For all those who don’t feel like competing (or no longer do) and wish to take care of their health, lose weight and perhaps address some medical issues. Nutrition Performance can help you!

You’re neither a high-level athlete nor a hard core sportsperson, but you’re active (or you want to get active!) and you’ve decided to take your health into your hands. Maybe you also have some specific body composition objectives in mind. Modifying one’s life and dietary habits is no simple task. You have to give yourself the necessary time and tools to achieve your goals.

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If you wish to lose weight, you must have a long-term outlook and avoid boring diets or those that label certain foods taboo.

The Nutrition Performance vision is not to put you on a diet, but rather to help you modify your daily food intake habits in order to allow your body and mind to adjust themselves to new changes.

There will be periods when you might not be that motivated, and that’s normal! Taking on changes has its ups and downs. Remember that weight loss at a rate of 2 to 5 lb per month is your best ally to restore and maintain long-term healthy habits. You are assured of never seeing these lbs on the scale for good. Ciao! And you’ll be even more proud of you.

As a first step, a consultation will allow us to identify your needs and objectives. We will measure your body composition and after, we will be able to guide you to realistic goals.

Together, we will determine what the best tools are to help you progress (detailed nutrition, examples of weekly menus, 1-week, 2-week or one-month follow-ups etc.). We also propose some great follow-up packages. Visit our packages section to learn more.

Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with us to let us know what your goals!